It’s no secret that most small business owners are operating with limited budgets.  If you aren’t taking advantage of mileage deductions, you might be missing out on a valuable opportunity to slash your tax bill this spring.

Whether you drive your personal vehicle to meet with clients, attend trade shows, purchase supplies, or pursue continuing education related to your career choice, we all know the IRS allows you to deduct a portion of this mileage from your annual tax burden. As of 2016, individuals driving their vehicles for business can deduct 54 cents for every mile traveled.  Following is a table of the different types of services for which mileage deductions are allowed with years & the Cost Per Miles (CPM) in cents:

Period Business Charity Medical Moving
2010 55 14 16
January 1 – June 30 2011 51 14 19
July 1 – December 31 2011 55.5 14 23.50
2012 55.5 14 23
2013 56.5 14 24
2014 56 14 23.50
2015 57.5 14 23
2016 54 14 19


You don’t have to decide what mileage to track, track it all. Since volunteer mileage is also deductible, if you track all you mileage and then separate the personnel you will be ahead.  Here are just a few of the travel types considered deductible:

  • Travel between offices and/or work sites
  • Trips to purchase supplies
  • Visits to banks, post offices, and other business-related destinations
  • Travel to meet clients, customers, suppliers, and vendors
  • Driving to and from airports for business travel

Although tracking your business miles is essential, many owners neglect this responsibility due to the perceived hassle. Fortunately, new tools exist that make logging your business miles easier than ever.

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