Accurants.com is a service of WhiteCore Technologies, LLC (herein after referred to as “WhiteCore”). WhiteCore is committed to protecting your information. The Privacy & Security Policy explains the details of how we protect & secure your personal information. At WhiteCore we understand the dangers of identity theft. 


  1. WhiteCore shall never share, sell or rent your contact information except for when needed by law enforcement authorities.
  2. Login & Registration – During registration process we request your valid email address. Your email will be you user name, will be used for authentication process.  Whitecore will use your email to contact you with regarding new services, changes to existing services. You can cancel your account anytime.
  3. Accurants does not store your credit card information, you credit card information will be stored in PayPal.
  4. We may use you company’s data for benchmarking reports however it will be kept anonymous.
  5. Cookies are simple pieces of data stored at the user computer to facilitate or enhance users access & enhance the experience
    1. We use temporary & permanent cookies to enhance your experience
    2. Temporary cookies will be erased from your browser after you have closed the browser
    3. When you choose “keep me signed-in” a permanent cookie will be saved to your computer so that you do not have to sign in each time to access the secured portion of Accurants.com website.
  6. WhiteCore does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13.
  7. Your usage details such as number of logins, duration of login, patterns of usage, and application features used will be tracked by us in order to provide you with added security & also improve your experience.
  8. We may employ third-party services to track to analyze statistical information about our application & user base.
  9. Please contact us via [email protected] if you have any questions regarding privacy policy.
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