Our payroll & HR (Human Resources) module is designed to aid with the most critical part of employee management – making sure that they paid on time and correct amount of tax and deductions are calculated. We have automated the entire process, once employees are set up, the only item needed are hours worked. Our onboarding checklist and drag n drop organization are features that empower you to run your business effortlessly.

Run Payroll

For employees that have fixed number of hours, you do not have to run their payroll, accurants automatically runs payroll for you to review. For employees that have variable hours, hours are the only input to process payroll. Being one system, our Time Tracker module is fully integrated with our Payroll module, this hours entered into our Time Tracker will automatically flow into Payroll saving you time, money & effort.

Organization Chart

accurants generates an Organization Chart automatically based on the data entered when employees are added. It looks for employee name, title, and image then generates an organization chart that you can easily drag and drop to match you’re your organization structure.

Onboarding Checklist

Many small to medium sized businesses often forget critical items while onboarding employees. Small businesses then scramble to get these items completed when Governmental agencies require them. accurants has created a list of onboarding items that you can modify for your company and use them each time an employee is onboarded. You can print this list then check off each item as they are completed when each employee is onboarded.