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Cloud-based Invoicing & billing software application that lets you create invoices, email invoices, manage all your invoices, payments, watch cashflow & set up auto-invoicing

Dear Reader,

I distinctly remember when one of our customers asked me "Will your company help our company if something were to happen to us". That was very profound for me as every business selling products and services claims that they will serve their customers throughout their lives while some of it true, customers after having through some bad experience are becoming more suspicious of these claims. We are building a brand that you can trust. If it does not work, we will the first one to tell you the truth. We want to build our business on Truth, Transparency and Trust. Technology is changing is so often that it is virtually impossible to keep up with it, the great news is you do not have to. We look out for the latest proven technologies and constantly update our application so that you reap the benefits of the latest technological innovations.

It is never easy for any business owner to allow another person at a company to see their business finances. Since we deal with finances, we deal with the most sensitive information therefore the trust that in you put with us, we do not take it for granted. For everything that we do, we will do our absolute best not break that trust.

We will do the absolutely best in everything that we do in the best interest our customers, sometimes we are constrained by resources (tools, people or money) but we will try to be the very best in whatever areas we pursue.

Customer Service
Service is in our DNA, outstanding customer service is something that we will maintain in every interaction.

When we were designing our logo, we surveyed hundreds of business owners by showing a blue bird as our logo. The reasoning behind how the bird became the winner among other logo choices were fascinating. Survey respondents who were business owners associated the bird with freedom, free to fly wherever it can take them. The idea of flying like a bird has been on the wish list of human beings ever since our race was created. We are reinventing freedom for business owners. We know how hard starting, running and growing a business can be. 70% of start ups do not survive the first 5 years. We are small business owners and we know the struggle that is why we are making our Small Business package FREE for the first 3 years. Meaning majority of small businesses will be able to run our small business version for FREE.

Thank You
Sandeep Rout, PhD, MBA