At Accurants, we do everything in our power to ensure your interactions with current and future customers are positive ones.Standing for customer relationship management, CRM refers to the process of managing, recording and evaluating customer interactions and information. From storing client contact data to helping you identify leads, a good CRM system acts as your company’s nerve center and information hub.

Store Contacts

Contacts are the people that you meet in the course of business. You can easily upload the contact’s business card image into accurants, mark the contact as a lead, prospect, vendor or customer, you will never have to enter same contacts information again into accurants. If that contact becomes a customer, you can simply click to send an invoice.

Track Leads

Leads are the people that you meet that have shown interests in your products and services. With accurants’ CRM, you can easily track individuals andbusiness representativeswho show interest in your products or services.

Track Prospects

Prospects are the people that have requested information about your products and services, also referred to as qualified leads.

Store Contact Data

Your customers want to know that their personal and financial data are safe in your hands. With accurants, it’s easy to maintain and manage customer and prospect contact info in a single, secure location.

Manage Accounts

Easily store information and contact info on companies or departments with which you do business. Then leverage that data for more targeted marketing campaigns.

Access It All Via the Cloud

With accurants, all your CRM data is stored in the cloud. This means you and your employees cansafely access information and insights from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet.